Free courses to help you understand how BIM affects you

The Government Construction Strategy was published by the Cabinet office on 31 May 2011. This sets out the Government’s intention to require ‘Level 2 BIM (with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic) on its projects by 2016’. HS2 see BIM as key driver for value and have made the decision to pursue Level 2 compliance as a minimum.

The intention of the Upskilling platform is to raise awareness of BIM implementation and ensure that a consistent message is delivered to our Supply Chain and Delivery Partners on how we are implementing BIM at HS2.

Content on the site is relevant if you are new to BIM or already implementing BIM in your organisation.

“This online resource provides you with a clear view of our BIM requirements, our strategy and objectives; staying away from just providing generic information to providing HS2-specific content. Moving forward, the number of courses will continue to grow to become a rich learning experience, not only for those working with HS2, but for all of our industry.”

Jon Kerbey, BIM Director